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Cut the Time to Find the Right Lender for Your ABN Car Loan

The first hurdle to achieving this type of credit is identifying which particular lenders actually offer the option. A task that can extremely time-consuming, frustrating and sometimes fruitless. The motor vehicle lending market is extensive and lenders have different criteria and guidelines in regard to approving applications, especially for this product.

Some lenders may make offers to small operators that have a low turnover while others may look more closely at the time the business has been operating, the cash flow or the ability to repay the monies loaned.

But how do individuals find out which will best suit their needs? By using a specialist motor vehicle lending broker with extensive connections and knowledge of the market- Jade!

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Save Time to Get Approved for ABN Car Finance

At Jade, we understand the motor vehicle lending market and we appreciate the time constraints on our customers. Many operating purely with an Australian Business Number, may not be registered for GST. That means a turnover below $75,000.

Other small, self-employed enterprises are enthusiastic and hard-working but operating on tight margins in order to compete and get an edge in their field. So every dollar earned matters. Every minute matters to generate chargeable hours or chase up more work.

Spending the necessary time to source a lender, review the finance types and the rates is precious. Let us give you back that time. Engaging Jade provides you with access to more lenders, improved prospects and opportunities to achieving a cheaper funding solution.

We have access that goes beyond the traditional lenders known to most applicants. We are accredited with specialist non-bank lenders that operate only through brokers such as ourselves. Lenders that can be far more flexible in approving this type of credit.

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Jade Streamlines the Process to Cheapest Rates for ABN Car Loans

Operators requiring this type of motor vehicle credit come from different backgrounds, operate in many different industries and are facing a wide spectrum of circumstances and challenges. They each have individual requirements and at Jade, that means they deserve an individual solution.

We source the best rates by negotiating directly with our industry-level connections with the right lenders for this type of credit.

You will be assigned your own Jade consultant who will be working on your behalf and in your best interests to achieve the cheapest option and most workable solution.

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Full Selection of ABN Car Finance Products

  • Maximise tax benefits
  • Minimise the repayments
  • Optimise the solution

When we arrange approval of the application, business owners can select from our complete portfolio of commercial vehicle lending products:-

  • ABN Chattel Mortgage Finance
  • Commercial Hire Purchase for ABN Cars
  • ABN Motor Vehicle Leasing
  • Rent to Buy ABN Vehicles

The same features and benefits including tax deductions are available on lending for Australian Business Number products. Subject to meeting ATO criteria. Check out the specifics of each product on our web pages and speak with an accountant on which will best suit your operation.

Bad credit options can be explored for those with credit issues. Have an obligation-free discussion with one of our consultants around your circumstances.

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This calculator is solely for illustrative purposes and is intended as a guide. It relies on the information you provide and should not be considered a quote or a pre-qualification. The interest rate offered to you may vary from the one shown here, depending on your individual circumstances. Repayment figures do not account for any lender fees and charges.
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Compare Interest Rates for ABN Car Financing

Comparing interest rates for this type of funding needs to go beyond simply checking out what rates lenders are displaying on websites. The rates shown will be for good credit rating applicants and for new vehicles.

Businesses without the full documentation or who do not meet all lender criteria, may not be eligible for these rates. But where the business and/or the owner has a good credit profile, cheaper rates can be a realistic prospect. The personal credit profile of the business owner may be assessed.

Your Jade consultant will be using our full resources and expertise to source the cheapest rates from across more lenders.

  • Better interest rates for good credit businesses.
  • Workable rates achievable.
  • Cheapest rates sourced from across more lenders.

Individually negotiated rates.

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Getting Approved Quickly for ABN Car Loan

Here’s what you need to know to get quick approval of your application:-

  • A current Australian Business Number and personal identification are essential – have them at the ready to provide details to your Jade consultant.
  • Being registered for GST is not essential but can be viewed more highly by lenders and may improve the prospects of a better rate and better credit solution.
  • Including whatever financials, accounts, bank statements, BAS and other available records may strengthen the application and prospects.
  • Providing as much detail on the current circumstances and future trading prospects of the business can assist our lenders better understand and assess the application.
  • Additional security – in addition to the motor, may be requested. Have details of other assets available.

You can apply over the phone with one of our consultants for quick quotes and fast approvals.

To get a better idea of what your funding could look like before purchasing, speak with us about pre-approved credit.

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Cheaper Finance for ABN Cars - All Makes and Models

To be eligible for commercial credit, the vehicles must meet ATO guidelines as a business asset. We provide credit for the purchase of all types of vehicles, all makes and models to be used in the business.

  • Cab chassis, utes, vans
  • SUVs
  • Wagons and hatches
  • Passenger models and sedans
  • EVs, hybrids and other powertrains
  • New and used vehicles
  • Dealer purchases
  • Auction purchases
  • Private sales

Special assistance provided for online and private sales re REVs, PPSR and other checks and verifications.

Use our Calculate to Budget for Loans for ABN Cars

By using Jade to source your funding, the prospect of a workable solution is very realistic. So start working up estimate repayments on the vehicles you’re considering for purchase decisions and budgeting purposes.

Use our calculator, being mindful the rate you may be offered could be different and limits may be placed on the total amount of the funding for this type of credit.

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Jade Finance handles every loan individually, please feel free to contact us via email
or phone on 1300 000 008 to direct your specific issues to our consultants.

What is required in an application for an ABN car loan?  FAQ Arrow

A current Australian Business Number and identification are essential. If financial records, accounts and similar documents are available, they should be included to improve the application.

Is GST registration essential for ABN car loans?  FAQ Arrow

No. Being registered for GST is not a pre-requisite for this type of credit.

Is ABN Car Finance the same as low doc and no doc finance?  FAQ Arrow

They have similarities in some respects but can also differ. Applicants for Australian Business Number credit may have full documentation but not meet lender approval guidelines in regard to turnover, trading time and ability to repay the commitment.

What type of operators can apply for ABN Car Financing?  FAQ Arrow

All business types can apply. These may include sole traders, owner operators, SMEs and large companies, freelancers, contractors and those transitioning to self-employment.

Is finance for ABN cars tax deductible?  FAQ Arrow

The tax deductions on commercial credit products varies across the selection. Once approved and subject to meeting ATO criteria, the business can realise the relevant tax deductions.

What are the types of loans for ABN cars?  FAQ Arrow

Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, Rent to Own and Commercial Hire Purchase are the commercial credit products available for the purchase of motor vehicles.

Do ABN car loans include utes and vans?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. The general description will cover all types of vehicles which are used in the business operation. That includes all body types, makes, models and power systems including electric vehicles.

What lenders offer ABN financing?  FAQ Arrow

Banks and other credit providers will have varying guidelines on approving applications for commercial credit. Some will look at turnover, documentation, cash flow, trading time and other aspects of the operation. Approval for funding will depend on meeting the criteria. Brokers offer a service to identify the appropriate lenders for this type of credit product.

Use Jade to Compare Your ABN Business Car Loan Rates

If you’re struggling to get approved for cheap interest rate motor vehicle funding due to aspects of your business set-up or inability to complete the application criteria, an ABN Car Loan from Jade could be a cost-effective, workable solution.

This is a credit product that can be a highly effective solution for a range of different business types where specific details about the business are an obstacle to achieving commercial credit. The credit product can be suitable for new set-ups that essentially only have an Australian Business Number but no other documentation in relation to trade. It has similarities in this regard to No Docs vehicle funding.

This type of funding can also be applicable to, and suit those, that may not exactly or fully meet the criteria for commercial credit as set by some banks and credit providers. That may be not being in business for long enough, not having a high enough turnover, not having sufficient financial resources backing, not having an acceptable balance sheet, having too-high debt levels and not having evidence of ongoing, long-term profitability.

  • Sole traders
  • Freelancers
  • Contractors
  • Owner-operators
  • New businesses
  • Self-employed
  • Large ongoing enterprises
  • With or without GST Registration

A workable solution for operations that are up and running but just can’t tick all the boxes on the commercial credit application form.

If you don’t tick all their boxes and meet their criteria, many lenders don’t approve the application. At Jade, we operate differently – find out how.

We don’t make customers ‘fit and tick boxes’ we actively go out and source the right funding from across our huge panel of lenders, that actually fits with the requirements of our customers. Ensuring that the rates are the cheapest achievable, the repayment schedule is going to work with cash flow and future plans and that the conditions to the funding don’t hamper growth prospects of the business.

  • Flexible repayments
  • Full selection of finance products
  • Cheaper rates than other lenders, other loan options
  • Lower Rates for good credit
  • Finance that fits customer profiles
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