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*The Interest Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan for business use, effective 21/04/24 and subject to change. WARNING: The interest rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different interest rate.

Finding the Cheapest Interest Rate for New Vehicles in Australia

With the historic low interest rate era consigned to history again, the challenge is back on to find the cheapest interest rate to fund new vehicles. The motor vehicle lending market is one of the largest in Australia. Presenting opportunities and competition in rates. But also presenting a major challenge – how does a business owner cover off on enough lenders to secure the cheapest offer?

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What is a Car Chattel Mortgage Loan?

This is a secured funding format where the lender takes a mortgage on the chattel, which is the motor vehicle asset. It is a very flexible and versatile funding option which suits a large number of Australian business set-ups.

  • Secured funding format
  • Business takes immediate ownership of vehicles
  • Suited to cash accounting method
  • Vehicles posted to business balance – depreciable assets
  • Balloon optional
  • 7 year term offered by some lenders
  • Versatile and flexible format that suits many businesses and vehicle purchases
  • Suits many structures – sole trader, SMEs, corporate, partnerships.
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Tax Opportunities of Car Chattel Mortgage Loans

Claim full amount of GST on next BAS subject to tax laws
Tax deductible interest
Tax deduction through vehicle depreciation according to ATO schedules
Suited to accelerated asset depreciation measures

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Immediate Access to Chattel Mortgage Rates from 60+ Lenders

Using jade is definitely the way to go for operators that want to save time and still secure the cheapest rates currently available on the market. We provide customers with their own consultant as a single point of contact and continuity through the entire process.

We do the hard work, sourcing the cheapest rates from across our massive selection of lenders. We’ve got access to major banks, financial institutions but also offer access to more exclusive opportunities through non-bank lenders that don’t make offers direct to customers.

  • Exclusive industry-level access to more lenders
  • Bargaining power that we’ve earned through our years in the field and amount of commercial funding we handle.
  • Negotiating skills combined with exclusive contacts to deliver cheaper rates. 
  • Fixed interest rates to provide assurance and confident of no changes to the funding arrangements over the term. 
  • Opportunity to utilise special lender offers for funding EVs and green vehicles when available.
  • Funding available for all business vehicles – no maximum purchase limits.
  • REVs and PPSR checks for used vehicles.
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This calculator is solely for illustrative purposes and is intended as a guide. It relies on the information you provide and should not be considered a quote or a pre-qualification. The interest rate offered to you may vary from the one shown here, depending on your individual circumstances. Repayment figures do not account for any lender fees and charges.
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Maximise Business Outcomes with Negotiated, Tailored Packages

The rate is critical to the overall cost of the funding. But at a time when operational expenses are rising, labour issues are constraining output and supply chains are complicating production plans,  the need has never been greater to keep outgoings down.   

That means getting repayments at levels that will work with cash flow now, ongoing and into the future. Your Jade consultant will be negotiating with our lenders to achieve a structure that works for your business.

  • Repayments to suit cash flow
  • 7 year terms to reduce monthly commitments to ease budget pressures
  • Negotiated balloon payments to achieve repayment target
  • No deposit options –  full purchase price to ease pressure on existing funds
  • Fixed terms to ensure stability in outgoings
  • Individually structured solutions to maximise the benefits for the business   
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Streamlined Approvals for New & Used Car Chattel Mortgage Financing

The process for getting approved through Jade is fast and convenient for all types of work vehicle purchases. This financing product is versatile and suits all types of business vehicles, all makes and models.

  • New work vehicles – utes, cab chassis, vans, passenger models, wagons
  • Quotes for single vehicle or entire fleet upgrade funding
  • All types of EVs – battery and PHEVs
  • Dealer purchases and private sales
  • Get approved to buy at auction
  • Interstate purchases

 Australia wide – get approved from wherever you are with our contactless business model. 

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Quickly Calculate Car Chattel Mortgage Finance Repayment Estimates

Rates offered will vary according to the credit profile and details in the individual application form. But a quick calculation of estimated repayments at our currently advertised rates can be obtained by using our calculator.

  • Online calculator to assist with buying decisions and decide on funding structure.
  • Vary balloon, term and loan amount to make decisions on no deposits, vehicle affordability.
  • Obtain repayment estimates in a few seconds.

When the repayment is in your ballpark, call us for a confirmed quote and be on your way to a cheaper motor vehicle funding solution.

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No Financials? No Documentation? Starting new operation? Only have an ABN?

Businesses without financials can still access this popular form of commercial credit through Jade. As specialists, we have connections with the lenders that make ABN only funding possible for our customers. More information on No Doc Car Loans

Options are also a possibility for those facing credit issues and have a bad credit rating.   

Talk to us about Low Doc No Doc Car Chattel Mortgage Finance options.

Get approved today with the cheapest Car Chattel Mortgage Rates from Jade!

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Are Car Chattel Mortgage Loans available for used vehicles?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. This is a very versatile credit product which used for both new and used business vehicles. The vehicles must meet ATO criteria as a business asset to be eligible for commercial credit. The condition of the vehicle is considered by lenders when preparing offers. The rate may be higher than for new vehicles.

What is the balloon element of Car Chattel Mortgage Financing?  FAQ Arrow

This is a portion of the overall purchase price which may be the total loan amount, which is due for payment in full at the end of the loan term after all monthly repayments are finalised.

Is Car Chattel Mortgage Finance the cheapest loan?  FAQ Arrow

This form of commercial credit typically attracts the lowest interest rate across the selection of asset acquisition funding products. The interest rate is lower than Leasing. The interest rate is a key determinant of the total cost of the finance and with the lower rate, this credit product could be seen as the cheapest option.

Are repayments on a Car Chattel Mortgage Loan tax deductible?  FAQ Arrow

Not in full. The interest portion is tax deductible but the balance of each individual repayment is not. Businesses realise a tax deduction through the depreciation of the asset. The amount of the annual depreciation is in line with the ATO scheduling. When accelerated asset depreciation measures are available, the full purchase amount can be deducted in the year of purchase.

Is refinancing from Leasing to Car Chattel Mortgage Finance possible?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. When refinancing motor vehicles, the business can utilise the same or a different form of credit.

What businesses can apply for Car Chattel Mortgage Loans?  FAQ Arrow

Businesses of all structures may suit this form of commercial credit. The key factor is the accounting method used by the business. This credit product is best-suited to businesses that use the cash accounting method rather than the accruals method of accounting.

Will a Car Chattel Mortgage Loan suit the purchase of a commercial van?  FAQ Arrow

Yes. If the van meets the ATO criteria for a business asset, then it may be financed with this type of funding.

How do I know if Chattel Mortgage will suit my business set-up?  FAQ Arrow

Businesses are advised to consult with their accountant on the suitability of funding products for their operation. The accounting method utilised is a key consideration. It is most suitable to use with the cash method of accounting.

What are the options for operators without all the financials to complete the business finance application form?  FAQ Arrow

Businesses that have an ABN but not the full set of documentation to complete the application form can consider Low Doc and No Doc options. These are available through specialist lenders.

Jade provides the solution – specialist motor vehicle broker services which focus on achieving better rates and better overall funding Chattel Mortgage solutions for business operators.

Jade Car Loans have the right connections with more lenders to do that covering off for you and deliver the cheapest funding package in a streamlined, quick process.

Helping business owners and operators to offset the impacts of rising costs and expenses with cheaper motor vehicle funding. 

Chattel Mortgage has surged in popularity on the back of Instant Asset Write-off and temporary full expensing. Many lenders offer this form of commercial credit. But we have the resources, expertise and experience to know which ones are offering the best rates at any one time and then negotiate hard to get an even cheaper rate.

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